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Are you thinking of installing a mezzanine floor?

Here are our Top 10 Tips to enable you to build cost effective raised flooring.

1. Use the most economical mezzanine column footprint, which is nominally a 3m x 3m column grid.

2. The height of finished raised flooring should be a maximum of 3 metres (measured from the top of the floor). This saves the costs of a mid-staircase landing.

3. Try and estimate the exact loading requirement of the floor to optimise the structural steel content of the floor. The minimum loading is 3.5 kN/m2 uniformly distributed load. This level allows for office space and personnel but does not enable permanent storage facilities to be installed. Should you require a material handling or storage solution, raised flooring will require a loading of 4.8kN/m2.

4. Avoid point loads wherever possible on the mezzanine floor.

5. Raised flooring should be designed so that the cross beams are positioned over the main/upright beams. This will result in a slightly bigger mezzanine construction depth with a corresponding reduction of approximately 200mm in headroom.

6. Specify the minimum number of staircases to conform to structural engineering and regulatory requirements. This is a complicated area and Linear will advise on the legal requirements.

7. Ensure that the staircases are always fitted externally to the mezzanine structure.

8. Avoid cut-outs, intricate shapes and different levels within the mezzanine floor area.

9. Do not deviate from the standard dark blue paint colour for the structural steel ie main beams and columns.

10. Avoid any special requirements in decking, handrails and stairways.

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