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Live Storage

Pallet live
Pallet live storage offers many advantages over conventional warehouse racking. These include increased density of storage, FIFO, (first in first out) handling efficiencies resulting from separation of loading and picking aisles. Direct access is available to all items stored unlike drive in or bulk storage. No specialist handling equipment is required. Pallet live storage can be used as part of a conventional racked warehouse where order picking (box picking) is carried out.
Carton live
Order picking from carton live storage rather than a static shelving system drastically reduces the time taken. Reductions of over 50% in travel time can be achieved along with storage space savings of up to 30% by eliminating unnecessary aisles. Other benefits include FIFO, improved picking presentation all resulting in improved productivity.

Push back
Pallets can be stored up to four deep in a block with access from one aisle only. Pallets are loaded onto a trolley or runners and are literally “pushed back” up the lane. When a pallet is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward.

Push back racking offers good space utilisation. No specialist handling equipment is required. Unlike pallet live storage this is a LIFO system (last in first out).

Mobile racking offers very high density of storage by maximising the use of floor space, as only one operating aisle is required. Conventional pallet racking is mounted on electrically powered mobile bases, which run on rails set into the warehouse floor. As only one aisle can be accessed at a time, throughputs must be suitable for what is essentially a “slow moving” system.
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