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Rack Inspections

Pallet racking is considered workplace equipment and as such should be inspected in order for companies to fulfil their Health and Safety obligations in this area. The frequency of inspections will depend on a variety of factors, which will be different for each installation. It is important to keep records of inspections in the event of any accidents. Even in new facilities inspections are important. Occasional damage, stresses over time, changes in the loads being stored, beam levels being altered - all pose risks.

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Operation & Maintenance
The Health and Safety Executive and SEMA give the following areas to look at for potential problems:
  1. Beams:
    1. Missing beam locks/pins
    2. Bent/deformed beams when unloaded
    3. Dislodged beam connectors
    4. Damaged beam profiles

  2. Uprights:
    1. Front impact damage (limit 5mm)
    2. Side impact damage (limit 3mm)
    3. Damaged bracing
    4. Damage/missing floor fixings and footplate

The limits quoted are measured by using a simple 1M long straight edge held against the racking upright. The damage / deflection is then measured in the centre of the straight edge.

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